Siddhartha Play a Success!!!

Siddhartha: A Musical Journey to Enlightment was a complete success! The play had two runs, one at 3pm, catering more to students, and another at 8pm, catering more to the adults and professionals. The show lasted more or less 2 hours. The casts started arriving early in the morning for their make-up and last minute preparation and instructions. Time flies really fast as 3pm arrives really quick and each scampered to get their costumes on and prepared for the curtains to go up. Everyone was hesitant for the first show, not knowing what the reaction of the students may be during the play. To their surprise, everyone listened and enjoyed the show.

The 8pm show was much more different this time. Having known to have visitors coming from Bacolod, Manila, Ilo-Ilo, Malaysia and Canada! Of course everyone would be scared, but… having experience the first play, they have now let go of their fears and apprehensions. Everything was magical afterwards. Emotions were flowing left and right… love, sorrow, fear, despair, happiness…. everyone gave it their all! With the show ending, everyone was now relieved of the good job they have done. Months of preparation payed off!

With final words from the representative of the Fo Guang Shan Monastary from Taiwan… They had a big surprise in the end… They were invited to play in Manila!!!