Chu Un Temple

     Chu Un Temple was constructed in 1988 and built by the couple, Mr. Paterno Luym and his wife, Rosita Luym. Although Mr. Paterno Luym is a Catholic, the couple decided to build the temple in memory of his beloved mother, who was a devout Buddhist. Through their good friend Mrs. Xia Su Ying, who resides in Taiwan, Mr.and Mrs. Paterno Luym went to Taiwan Fu Guang Shan in Kaoshiong City to seek assistance from the Venerable Master Hsing Yun. In March of 1989, Venerables Yung Guang and Tze Rung came to the temple. Venerable Tze Rung was the first Abbot of the temple. In September 1, 1990, the late Head Abbot Venerable Hsin Peng lead a group of disciples to Chu Un Temple to celebrate the completion of the temple and perform the purification ceremony of the Kuan Yin Shrine.

     In November of 1992, in response to the demand made by the devotees, second Abbot Venerable Yung Guang went to Manila. In 1996, Abbot Venerable Yung Guang and Venerable Yung Ko and with the help of the devotees who began to raise funds to build the 3-story building. In January of 1998, former Head Abbot, Most Venerable Hsing Ting, came to conduct the groundbreaking ceremony. And on May 29, 2002, he came again to conduct the celebration of the completion of the building. The building is named Ti Tchang Shrine. This made a new milestone in the history of Buddhism in the Philippines and for the Buddhist devotees in the Chinese community.

     There are three (3) buildings erected on the hilltop of a 1.8 hectare land area. These are the Kuan Yin Shrine, the Bamboo Garden Dining Hall and the Ti Tchang Shrine. At the back of the Kuan Yin Shrine are the Bamboo Garden Dining Hall and a fish pond where carp fish happily swims around. There is a small farm at the back of the Dining Hall where coconuts, bananas, vegetables and different kinds of native Philippine fruit trees are planted.

     Kuan Yin Shrine or the Great Mercy Hall is dedicated to Avalokitesvara Budhisattva (Kuan Yin), who reaches out for the salvation of the human beings with great compassion. In front of the new building is a playground for children to play. The ground floor of the new building is dedicated to Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva, who is also known as the Ti Tchang Wang Pho Sa, who made the great vow to come for the salvation of suffering beings in Hell. The second floor has Amithaba Buddha to carry out the prayer services for the dead. It is dedicated to honor the deceased. The third floor is divided into a tea house, conference room, and a Remembrance Hall for the deceased Elders of the Luym family.

     Chu Un Temple is currently under the direction of Fu Guang Shan Manila Abbot Venerable Yung Zhao. Chu Un Temple is located at 246-3 V. Rama Avenue, Cebu City. It is approximately 45 minutes to and from the Cebu Mactan International Airport, 15 minutes to downtown area and only 20 minutes to the major big shopping malls. You can find us here