Xmas/New Year Party at Chu Un Temple

December 21, Xmas party/new year party at the temple. Party time, have fun with the masters etc… See you there!

Summer Camp 2008 A Success!

BLIA YAD Summer Camp 2008 was a great success! Different representatives from different chapters across the Philippines joined the summer camp, from Manila, Ilo-Ilo, Bacolod, of course Cebu and special guest from the Siddhartha cast also joined the event.

Everyone enjoyed the camp to the fullest. The schedule was a surprise and nobody knew what was going to happen on the 3 days of the camp. Little did we know that everything was already planned ahead and it was up to us to enjoy and learned from the events.

We actually had a small amazing race held in Cebu City. From Fuente to Magellan’s cross to other parts of the city to complete different task. It was enjoyable for everyone and even more exciting for those that were not from Cebu as they get to tour around the city for the first time.

The last was a big surprise for the cast of Siddhartha since Ms. Daisy Baad actually came over to give an exercise for the attendees. Everyone really enjoyed what she presented.

As a side note, this was one of the most enjoyable summer camp everyone attended. Next year will be Manila and everyone is looking forward into the activities plan for next year.

So for everyone, till we meet again next year for Summer Camp 2009!!!

Youth Summer Camp 2008!! (Update)

BLIA Annual Youth Summer Camp 2008 will be held in Cebu. Scheduled date will be:

March 28 – 30, 2008

Location: Cebu City
Venue: TBA

Due to the nature of the activities planned out for this Youth Summer Camp, we will be limiting the number of attendees and age bracket from each participating chapter.

Age: 1416 – 30
Limit: 15 participants from each chapter

Please contact us for questions and/or suggestions.

See you soon! =)