International Etiquette Training

  • Mealtime-Etiquette


◎學習地點:佛光山萬年寺FGS Mabuhay Temple , 656, P.Ocampo St., Malate Manila (Opposite Century Park Hotel)

◎ 課程類別:2013年國際禮儀知賓培訓

◎ 課程時間:7/30 ~ 8/1(週二 ~ 四) 晚上7:30~9:30
◎ 授課講師:鍾紹真
◎ 講師簡介:AICI 國際形象顧問協會 亞洲區顧問
Megan 形象.色彩工作室 形象顧問
飛訊模特兒經紀公司 平面拍攝 /伸展台模特兒
美姿禮儀工會理事 (現任)
正薪醫院 『商務禮儀』專題講師
佛光山人間大學『窈窕淑女』課程 專任講師
佛光山南屏別院 『知賓講習』課程 專任講師

◎ 個人技能:

◎ 課程理念:

◎教學方式:Power Point講解,實際示範練習。



◎電話聯絡:(02)559-9540 永寧手機0917-840-1916。




◎ Learning Location: 佛光山萬年寺FGS Mabuhay Temple  656, P.Ocampo St., Malate Manila (Opposite Century Park Hotel)
◎ Course: 2013 International Etiquette Training
◎ Duration: 7/30 to 8/1 (Tuesday to Thursday) 7:30 pm to 9:30
◎ Instructor: Zhong Shao True
◎ Lecturer profile: AICI Association of Image Consultants International Consultants Asia
Megan image of color studio image consultant
Freenet Modeling Agency plane shooting / Runway Models
Beau etiquette governing trade unions (incumbent)
Kaohsiung Corps “Beau Mei Yee” Lecturer
Mackay Memorial Hospital, “Business Etiquette” special lecturer
Regular pay hospital “Business Etiquette” special lecturer
National Education Radio “image-building” special lecturer
Fo Guang Shan Human universities ‘My Fair Lady’ Course Lecturer
Fo Guang Shan Nan Ping Temple “knowledge, Bin Seminar” Course Lecturer
Professor of international etiquette courses, when not invited to give lectures on international etiquette.

◎ Personal Skills:
● Personal identification color
● personal style shape
● Overall accessories with
● personal wardrobe management
● Young people serving instrument outfit
● Enterprise Image Management Seminar Leaders
● International Business Etiquette Seminar-cum-image

◎ curriculum ideas:
International etiquette manners are endorsed for the world to make your relationship more harmonious and harmony. Instrument conversation,
Communication etiquette, serve tea essentials, MT Mei Yee, sitting, standing, marching, ceremonies, guide, awards … etc.
Various activities and service attitude hospitality etiquette, so that students from the training course can enhance their own knowledge.

Connotation and reception etiquette by practical exercises to demonstrate elegance sublime quality of service.
◎ Teaching methods: Power Point explanation, practical demonstration exercises.
◎ Registration Fee: 2,000 for non-members. BLIA member 500,  deposit of 500 will be refunded after 3 days attendance.
◎ Recruit Capacity: 80 person limit. You are welcome to observe.
◎ Phone: (02) 559-9540, or contact Ven. Yungling 0917-840-1916